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Homes of Love

Families for at-risk children in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Chesney Dentistry proudly supports the work of Homes of Love. This Knoxville based ministry has global impact through creating families for orphaned, abandoned and other at-risk children in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Beginning with a dream to create small homes for orphans and at risk children Dr. Gary Chesney and his wife Debbie Chesney started Homes of Love in 2000. To learn more visit homesoflove.org.

When our Children are first placed into their homes they have no dreams, no goals, and are afraid. After they have settled down a bit… one of the biggest things I’ve seen is that they start to dream. They dream of being happy, going to school, becoming successful. The point is they start to dream. And helping to create that hope makes what we do all worth it.

Dr. Gary Chesney