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A Ministry Dear to My Heart: A Great Reason to Smile

Dr. Chesney with HOL Children

Homes of Love is a ministry with a global impact, creating families for orphaned, abandoned, and other at-risk children in Southeast Asia and Africa. They currently have 18 homes. It has been an amazing journey seeing what the Lord has done throughout the years thru this ministry. We look forward to what He will continue to do.

I have shared with many of you over the years about this non-profit my wife Debbie and I started in the year 2000. I enjoy talking about it and am blessed by how many of our patients will ask me how things are going with Homes of Love.

At Chesney Dentistry we are always motivated to be involved with more than just what goes on in our office day to day. Being able to contribute to Homes of Love is a great blessing to our practice. Dr. Nathan Chesney and I, Dr. Gary Chesney, have both been to Vietnam and have been able to examine the children’s teeth and give them dental care they would have otherwise not been able to get. Seeing these precious children smile, and be given the chance to grow up in a loving home environment, is one of my greatest joys. Below is a video that shares in more detail the story and journey that took place in starting Homes of Love. I thought I would share this with you and possibly introduce some of you to Homes of Love, also giving you another reason to smile.


Click to watch video about our story behind Homes of Love

Watch the video above, or visit the Homes of Love website, for even more information.  You too can share in this great reason to smile.

-Dr. Gary Chesney, DDS