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Does your jaw ever “pop” or “click”?

Your jaw is made for chewing and talking, but overstraining it can cause TMJ symptoms like popping, clicking, and occasionally locking open or closed. That can be scary! So how do you know if you have TMJ disorder? Can it be corrected? Keep reading for helpful information.

Sharing a Great Reason to Smile

I have shared with many of you over the years about Homes of Love, a ministry my wife Debbie and I started in the year 2000. I enjoy talking about it and am blessed by how many of our patients will ask me how things are going with Homes of Love.

New Website Announcement

New Website Is Live! We are excited to announce that our fresh, new website is now live! When we started this process our goal was to create a more convenient online experience for our patients as well as provide a better representation of who we are at Chesney...