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For Children, their first visit to the dentist can be an intimidating experience. Here are a few tips and suggestions to make their initial dental experience one that they look forward to.

Plan Ahead:

You can have your child tag along to your own dental appointment, before scheduling their first one, to introduce them to our office. We can meet your child and let them ride up and down in the dental chair and they can pick a treasure from the treasure box. This will give your child a positive first experience with our staff and give them the opportunity to become familiar with our environment. When it’s their turn for an appointment, they might even be excited about it.

Positive Mindset:

Talking positively about going to the dentist with your child at home can really help too. A good way to start the conversation is with a book about going to the dentist. Here is one we like: Going to the Dentist. Children love to learn so talk to them about their teeth and why going to the dentist is such an important part of taking care of their teeth. You can also set the appointment near their birthday to make it seem extra special and that now they’re big enough to get to go to the dentist.

What to Expect:

Before arriving at the appointment you can tell your child what their first appointment at Chesney Dentistry will be like. Here’s what to expect.

  1. Introduction: After checking in at the reception desk and completing any needed paperwork, they’ll meet one of our awesome dental hygienists and be led to their dental chair. All our dental hygienists are very gentle and great with children.
  2. Gentle Cleaning: The dental hygienist will take them through a gentle dental cleaning, explaining each step along the way so your child always know what to expect next. Our goal is to make it all fun, and we will proceed based on your child’s response to each step. If we are able to clean and polish all their teeth, that’s awesome! As long as they’re having fun. If we need to hold off on the cleaning part for their next visit, no problem.
  3. Education: After their cleaning, your child will meet either Dr. Nathan or Gary Chesney. He will talk to them about how important it is to brush their teeth daily. The doctor and hygienist will introduce them to Maximus, the friendly dental dragon, to give them an easy to understand example of what their first dental exam will be like.
  4. Examination: Dr. Chesney will do a dental examination and send your child on their way with a goody bag that includes activities, a power toothbrush, and other fun things. And, of course before you leave they also get to pick out a treasure (or 2) from our treasure chest of toys.
  5. Consistency: We recommend scheduling your child’s 6-month appointment in advance not only at this first appointment, but every time they come in for their cleaning and checkup. Allowing them to become familiar with our office and the process of coming regularly provides them with a good foundation for healthy dental hygiene habits for life. This will teach them that their dental health is a big priority.

One question we often receive is “at what age does Chesney Dentistry recommend that you set your child’s first appointment?”

We recommend that you start brushing your child’s teeth at home when the first tooth pops through their gums. Practice makes perfect – teach them how to brush from the very beginning. However, we don’t recommend bringing your children into the dental office before their 3rd birthday.

We hope these suggestions help you as you prepare your child for a lifetime of healthy teeth! If you have any questions, please give us a call!

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